Most people now a days don't really care for the music today and prefer the good music from the 90's, especially 90s r&b. Every song today pretty much sounds the same and most people who know good music prefer to hear music that is relatable and have some kind of meaning behind it. Artists like Mary J.Blige, Brian McKnight, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, etc. are the reasons why 90's music is so powerful. Listening to r&b music was a big thing for people back in the 90's because each song had soul in it and most of all, people could relate. 90s R&b connected people to the music and made them want to hear more, but sadly 90s R&b is slowly changing due to the new generation.

Back then, it was easier for people to relate and get a feel for the music they were listening to because people were going through real life situations and no one was ashamed to say that they were in love, but now times have changed. Older people saw themselves through the music they listened to and the younger people looked forward to the same thing so they also listened to it. Today, people only listen to music to hear about things that they will never get to experience and they have no real reason behind why they listen to what they listen to. In this new generation, things like being in love is not what they want to hear and they can't relate to it, but they can relate to things like money, power, and sex, which most probably aren't even living that lifestyle. It just seems cool to listen to what everyone else is listening to and since majority of people today are listening to rap over r&b then that's exactly what's going to be recommended to everyone else.

The bad thing is that the 90s r&b artists who are still out here making the same good music aren't even supported as much as newer artists today. In this generation, all the media wants is sex appeal rather than someone who is more reserved and only focused on trying to have a meaning behind their lyrics. Times have definitely changed and r&b is not the same!